Bellicum – dendritic cell vaccines

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals is a biopharma company developing novel cellular immunotherapies for various forms of cancer (both hematological and solid tumors), as well as orphan inherited blood disorders.

Bellicum – dendritic cell vaccines


Bellicum is developing next-generation product candidates in cellular immunotherapy, including CAR T cell therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) and dendritic cell vaccines. To address these challenges, Bellicum uses its proprietary Chemical Induction of Dimerization (CID) technology platform to engineer and control components of the immune system in real time. This CID platform consists of modified forms of signaling proteins, which are triggered inside the patient by a small molecule, rimiducid, instead of by natural upstream signals. After rimiducid is administered, the “safety switch” is designed to lead to apoptosis, and the “activation switch” is designed to lead to proliferation and/or activation of immune cells. Technologies incorporating the “safety switch” include CaspaCIDe, incorporated into HSCT and TCR product candidates, and CIDeCAR, consisting of CAR T cells modified to include CaspaCIDe and in which the CAR incorporates the signaling domains of two proteins, MyD88 and CD40. Together, these form Bellicum’s proprietary dual co-stimulatory domain (MC) designed to activate T cells in the presence of cancer cells more potently than co-stimulatory molecules CD28 and 4-1BB. The ”activation switch” technology is included in GoCAR-T (consisting of CAR T cells modified to include MC dual co-stimulatory domain) and in DeCIDe (consisting of dendritic cells modified to express the same MC switch used in GoCAR-T). Upon exposure to rimiducid, dendritic cells containing DeCIDe become highly activated in a process that is less susceptible to being turned off by the immune system’s natural inhibitory processes. By administering rimiducid, DeCIDe product candidates are designed to be activated in a potent and long lasting manner. Thus, DeCIDe technology is used to control the activation of dendritic cells. Bellicum intends to evaluate DeCIDe technology in combination with other cancer immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors. Bellicum Pharmaceuticals already develops several products in its pipeline: BPX-201 (DeCIDe Cancer Vaccine Product Candidate), BPX-501 (CaspaCIDe Product Candidate for Hematological Diseases), BPX-701 (CaspaCIDe TCR Product Candidate for Solid Tumors), BPX-401 (CIDeCAR Product Candidate for Hematological Cancers) and BPX-601 (GoCAR-T Product Candidate for Solid Tumors).

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals is a biopharma company based in the USA. Management Team is composed by Thomas Farrell, Kevin Slawin, Annemarie Moseley, Alan Musso, David Spencer, Peter Hoang, Joe Senesac and Ken Moseley. Board of Directors is composed by Tom Farrell, Kevin Slawin, Frank McGuyer, James Brown, Reid Huber and Jon Stonehouse.

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