Cellaria – tumor microenvironment

Cellaria is a biotech company developing novel cellular technologies to accurately model the tumor microenvironment and directly connect the models to clinical conditions.

Cellaria – tumor microenvironment

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Most of the cancer research approaches used by researchers are based on cell lines without any relevance in cancer drug discovery. Cellaria offers new tools and services which greatly simplify the ability to generate, propagate and sustain relevant cancer cells for research and discovery. For cancer researchers, this means more relevant and impactful research. Current patient cell lines exist for ovarian and breast cancers, and lung and prostate cancer cell lines will soon be available. Cellaria also proposes to create custom mouse xenografts from in vitro cell lines, allowing researchers to directly compare in vitro results with an in vivo model. Furthermore, Cellaria Biosciences develops screening services to cost effectively evaluate your compounds against one or more of its cell lines. Patient-specific cell line generation makes it possible to test drug compounds across many patient types. Cellaria also delivers several cell culture media like Renaissance Essential Tumor Medium (RETM), a cell line derivation and maintenance medium specifically designed for the extended in vitro propagation of patient cancer cells derived from a number of different tissues. Moreover, WIT–P Culture Medium is a serum-free, defined medium optimized for the robust culture of human mammary epithelial cells of normal phenotype.

Cellaria Biosciences was founded in 2013 to simplify the creation of cell lines representing tumors’ genetic and epigenetic diversities in patient populations. Management Team is composed by Elin Agoston, Bryan Roberts, Joseph Gentile and David Deems. Cellaria Biosciences is headquartered in the USA.

More about Cellaria Biosciences : www.cellariabio.com

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