Abiocode – vPair antibodies

Abiocode is a biotech company focusing on high-throughput antibody production. Abiocode aims to produce at least two distinct antibodies recognizing specifically two different regions of a target protein. Abiocode believes that the availability of such antibody pairs (vPair Antibodies) will be important for validation studies and proteomics research.

Abiocode – vPair antibodies


The long-term goal of Abiocode is to apply innovative techniques to produce high quality and cost-effective reagents and assay systems for the biomedical research scientists. Abiocode provides custom antibody services using a proprietary antibody-production technology. For all full antibody services guaranteed to detect endogenous target proteins, Abiocode may design and prepare one extra independent antigen for immunization as an optional free service. Thus, Abiocode’s custom antibody services double your chance of success at no additional costs. Abiocode’s custom antibody services include Mouse antibodies, Rabbit antibodies, Chicken antibodies and Conjugation antibodies.

Additionally, Abiocode offers vPair antibodies, a pair of fully characterized antibodies recognizing two different regions of a target protein. These products allow addressing whether the signal observed in antibody-based assays truly represents the target protein. Different sets of vPair antibodies are developed by Abiocode for specific applications (Western Blot, antibody arrays, IHC, IP, FACS, ChIP, etc…). Since vPair antibodies recognize two independent epitopes of the same protein, the use of such tools in antibody-based assays can validate signal specificity. Moreover, this biotech company also develops antibody arrays and ELISA kits for disease diagnosis, as well as protein extracts to be used as controls, mainly from plants (Arabidopsis thaliana).

Abio-code was founded in 2008 by scientists who understand the importance of high quality reagents to biomedical research. This biotech company is based in California (USA) and has several distributors worldwide (Australia, Europe, Canada, China, Singapore, South Korea, etc…).

More about this biotech company : http://abiocode.com/

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