Biomedica – immunoassays

Biomedica is a biotech company providing high quality ELISAs in the field of cardiovascular diseases as well as bone and mineral disorders.

Biomedica – immunoassays


Biomedica offers ELISA kits for the determination of biomarkers of bone metabolism. Its portfolio ranges from Osteoprotegerin and a highly sensitive free soluble RANKL assay to biomarkers such as Sclerostin and DKK-1. Biomedica also proposes ELISA kits for the determination of biomarkers in cardiovascular disease like natriuretic peptides (NT-proBNP and NT-proANP), Endothelins (Big ET and ET), Osteoprotegerin, etc… Biomedica’s oxidative stress product line covers biomarkers for risk stratification (OxyStat and MDA-oxidized LDL) and one biomarker to determine the severity of disease (oLAB – anti oxidized LDL autoantibodies). Biomedica developed ELISA kits for the determination of biomarkers in kidney disease (FGF23, Endostatin or C4d antibody as marker of humoral transplant rejection). Biomedica also offers ELISA kits for the diagnostic screening of Lyme Borreliosis (Borrelia recombinant IgG ELISA and Borrelia recombinant IgM ELISA). Moreover, Biomedica proposes the EZ4U, a non-radioactive cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assay. Furthermore, Biomedica is the exclusive partner in Europe of Glycotechnica offering Glycomics for simplified glycoanalysis. This new technology, based on LecChip (Lectin microarrays) enables fast and accurate glycan profiling for any complex glycans.

Biomedica Immunoassays is a biotech company headquartered in Vienna (Austria). Its ISO9001 certification ensures constant improvement in quality of products and services. Biomedica’s ELISA assays are fully validated to ensure high quality and reproducibility. Every kit includes at least five calibrators and one or two controls in a human serum matrix, thus allowing researchers to collect biologically reliable data.

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