Mymetics – virosomes based vaccines

Mymetics is developing preventative vaccines using both virosomes as an effective adjuvant and vaccine delivery method, and an innovative antigen design to generate mucosal antibodies.

Mymetics – virosomes based vaccines


With only 26 diseases addressed by vaccines, the world needs many more vaccines. Mymetics aims to become the market leader in the research and development of next generation mucosal and virosomes based vaccines. Indeed, Mymetics develops preventative vaccines generating an efficient mucosal protection through mucosal antibodies as first line of defense, while blood antibodies would act synergistically as second line of defense. Mymetics is specialized in the use of virosomes (lipid-based carriers containing functional fusion viral proteins) in combination with rationally designed antigens and membrane proteins. Virosomes are nanoparticles with demonstrated preventive potential in human diseases of viral and parasitic origin. Mymetics’ current pipeline includes 5 vaccines in development: 4 proprietary vaccines (HIV-I, Malaria, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Herpes Simplex Virus type I and II), and one vaccine for intra-nasal Influenza out-licensed to Solvay Pharmaceuticals. The RSV virosome vaccine has been out-licensed to RSV Corporation, an entity fully funded by Astellas Pharma and managed by ClearPath Vaccines Ltd.

Mymetics is a biotech company based in Switzerland and Netherlands. Mymetics is led by an international and experienced management team, with lifetime experience in vaccines and business management. Management Team is composed by Ronald Kempers (CEO), Sylvain Fleury and Toon Stegmann. The team is supported by a very strong Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of world leading experts and key opinion leaders. Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Stanley Plotkin, Marc Girard, Cecil Czerkinsky, Malegapuru Makgoba, Juliana McElrath and Ruth Ruprecht. Mymetics’ strategy is to build on its core competence in research and development of virosomes and membrane proteins for the development of safe and effective new vaccines.

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