Median Technologies, a World Leading Oncology Clinical Trial Imaging Services Provider, Becomes Preferred Vendor to Another Top 3 Pharmaceutical Company

  • Median Technologies has been selected as a preferred clinical trial imaging services provider for another leading global pharmaceutical company.
  • Median Technologies is now preferred provider for two of the Top 3 global pharma companies, based on oncology sales1.
  • The pharmaceutical company has one of the largest clinical trial pipelines in oncology and is a new client for Median.
  • The agreement covers late phase oncology trials for which central image readouts are required.
  • The new agreement highlights Median’s strength as a leading clinical trial imaging provider in the United States.


Median Technologies (FR0011049824, ALMDT, PEA/PME scheme eligible, “Median” or “The Company”) (Paris:ALMDT) announced today that the Company has been selected as preferred vendor by a Top 3 pharmaceutical company, adding another one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies to its client portfolio. Median Technologies is now preferred provider for two of the Top 3 pharma companies, based on oncology sales2.

The Master Service Agreement (MSA) came after an in-depth selection process. The new client has one of the largest oncology pipelines in the world and presents one of the highest R&D to revenue ratios in the pharmaceutical industry3. Median will manage central image reads for late phase clinical trials in the client’s oncology pipeline. The MSA is a recognition of Median’s performance, quality, and competitiveness for imaging services worldwide.

Fredrik Brag, CEO and Founder of Median Technologies said: Median’s’ iCRO services are best-in-class and recognized as such worldwide. The agreement will ensure stable future bookings and revenues growth for Median, while the Top 3 pharmaceutical company will benefit from improved operational execution using the best technology available in the market. Our recognized expertise in AI applied to medical images, has been a strong technology differentiator during the diverse phases of the negotiation; it represents a unique asset compared to the standard offering of our competitors as well as a major trigger for the acceleration of growth opportunities for our Company, in the era of precision medicine.”

Nicolas Dano, COO & CCO iCRO, added: “The new preferred vendor agreement significantly strengthens our position in the United States. It is the result of our investments to deliver top-tier best-in-class imaging services, our commitment to achieving customer satisfaction, and the wealth of experience acquired in supporting sponsors with their regulatory filings. With the combination of our two offerings, iSee® for central image reads, and Imaging Lab, iCRO’s unique AI-powered imaging offering, we cover a very wide and unique spectrum of imaging services for the pharma industry, from standard image reads to advanced imaging services using cutting edge AI-based technologies. We are proud to support the pharma industry in bringing the next generation of life-saving oncology drugs to market”.

About Median Technologies: Pioneering in innovative imaging solutions and services, Median Technologies harnesses cutting-edge AI to elevate the accuracy of early cancer diagnoses and cancer treatments. Median’s offerings, including iCRO for medical image analysis and management in oncology trials and eyonis™, AI/ML tech-based suite of software as medical devices (SaMD), empower biopharmaceutical entities and clinicians to advance patient care and expedite novel therapies. The French-based company, with a presence in the U.S. and China, is listed on the Euronext Growth stock exchange (ISIN: FR0011049824, ticker: ALMDT). Median is eligible for the French SME equity savings plan scheme (PEA-PME). For more information:


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3 Update: April 30, 2024:


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Sycai Medical – Early stage diagnosis of pancreatic cancer through Medical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

Sycai Medical is a technological startup founded in Barcelona in 2020, born from the motivation of empowering radiologists to improve healthcare through artificial vision and big data. They develop AI-based algorithms, which helps medical professionals in the diagnosisof abdominal injuries and in the prediction of their evolution to increase early-stage cancer detection and improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases.

Their product Sycai Medical is an assistant, which helps radiologists to detect pancreatic cystic lesions, predicting their malignant potential and presenting similar cases to verify the diagnosis.

This kind of lesions can evolve into pancreatic cancer, the 4th cause of death by cancer in Europe with an average survival time from diagnosis of less than 5 months and currently without an efficient method or early diagnosis.

The follow-up treatment of the pancreatic cysts leads to repetitive image tests for life, due to the difficulty of predicting which ones are going to be malignant and which are staying benign. The ability of predicting their evolution is the key to increase early detection of pancreatic cancer and to optimize the follow-up treatments.

Their Artificial Intelligence and Big Data based software assists radiologists in the detection and classification of abdominal lesions on CT scans and MRIs. It also provides a prediction of the probability of each lesion to become cancer in the future, which is crucial to diagnose early-stage pancreatic cancer and to improve the life quality of patients.

More info :  

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