Hemarina – marine oxygen carriers

Hemarina is a biotech company focused on the development of marine oxygen carriers for therapeutic and industrial applications.

Hemarina – marine oxygen carriers


Hemarina proposes products representing a technological breakthrough compared to current hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs). Indeed, Hemarina developed HEMOXYcarrier, a universal oxygen carrier. HEMOXYcarrier is made up from extracellular hemoglobin which works already free in the circulation of marine invertebrates. This hemoglobin is autonomous: binding oxygen and releasing it without the need for any cofactors. Its superoxide dismutase activity reduces neurological damage in the immediate post-injury phase. Hemarina’s lead product, Hemarina M-101, is the only product available using a natural, high-molecular-weight extracellular hemoglobin whose activity is totally independent of any cofactor. Interestingly, Hemarina M-101 has no vasoconstrictor effect, which is frequently observed in first-generation HBOCs and responsible for significant side effects. Furthermore, Hemarina M-101 functions in a wide range of temperatures (from 4°C to 37°C).

Hemarina also offers HEMO2Life, an organ preservation solution. This oxygen carrier allows better organ preservation by oxygenating the transplant organ, and thus minimizing the risk of rejection. Moreover, Hemarina proposes HEMOXCell and HEMUPStream, which are cell growth activators. HEMOXCell and HEMUPStream improve cell growth and viability, as well as increasing bioproduction yields without requiring any changes in cell culture conditions. The innovativeness of HEMOXCell and HEMUPStream lies in bringing oxygen directly to cells, according to their needs. Using Hemarina’s hemoglobin, large quantities of cells or recombinant proteins can be obtained very quickly without oxidative stress.

Hemarina SA is a privately held biotech company specialized in marine oxygen carriers and based in France. Franck Zal, a world-renowned expert invertebrate hemoglobin and oxygen transport, founded this biotech company in March 2007. The discoveries arising from his research have been patented and published in numerous scientific journals and form the basical principles of Hemarina’s technology. Management Team is composed by Franck Zal and Morgane Rousselot. Board of Directors is composed by Patrick Franchet, Cécile Tharaud, Franck Zal, Emilie Lidome, Xavier Guille des Buttes and Maurice Lesaffre. Hemarina’s products have high-value market applications for which there are no true competitors. The business model is based on finding win-win partnerships with life sciences or pharmaceutical companies who wish to incorporate Hemarina’s technology in their drug development process.

More about this biotech company : www.hemarina.com

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