Artes Biotechnology – expression platform

Artes Biotechnology offers safe, robust and cost efficient protein production based on microbial cell lines including bacteria (E. coli) and yeast (Hansenula polymorpha, syn. Pichia angusta). Its unique virus like particle platform (Metavax) is also applied for development of safe and affordable vaccines.

Artes Biotechnology – expression platform

artes biotechnology

Artes Biotechnology focuses on the development of recombinant production cell lines and high yield microbial expression platforms. Artes Biotechnology offers R&D contract service for the development of specific targets as well as transferring its own cell lines and processes for vaccines, bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-similars and enzymes. Protein production processes are developed with two major expression systems: Hansenula polymorpha and E. coli. Proprietary microbial yeast and bacterial cell lines are preferred hosts for the production of recombinant proteins and are engineered for the manufacturing of a large variety of structurally different products for various applications. Artes’ main expression platform is the high-yield yeast system Hansenula polymorpha (syn. Pichia angusta). This system is already applied in the manufacturing of several products in robust and economically attractive processes. This robust protein production platform is applied in bulk manufacturing of enzymes at high m³ scale. Stable high-copy integration of a number of different enzyme genes enable for the specific design of whole-cell biocatalysts suitable for repeated recycling of the cell mass in substrate conversion. Artes has established fermentation media compositions in which expensive carbon and nitrogen sources are replaced by low-cost, abundant waste streams (molasses, bio-diesel waste, seed extracts, etc…).

Artes Biotechnology also proposes the development of virus-like particle (VLP) based vaccines. This chimeric duckHepB virus like particle approach (Metavax) is best suited for the development of novel vaccines. Vaccines produced with Hansenula yeast technology in combination with the Metavax platform are a very economical approach for the production of safe and effective vaccines. Furthermore, Artes Biotechnology offers a wide range of products, all produced from its safe and high yield expression systems (Bivalirudin, Hirudin, Endoglycosidase, alpha-amylase, CalB lipase, Endoglucanase II, Phytase, etc…).

Artes Biotechnology GmbH is a biotech company based in Germany. Artes is a well-established development partner for recombinant protein production and they are experts in trouble-shooting and in the set-up of manufacturing processes. Artes Biotechnology´s proprietary technologies ensure freedom-to-operate and reliable, competitive production.

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