Sarstedt – automated production processes

Sarstedt is a leading provider of laboratory equipment, developing and manufacturing equipment and consumables in the field of life science.

Sarstedt – automated production processes


Sarstedt is focusing in developing safer, more precise and more economical processes. This biotech company offers modular automation solutions for the intelligent sorting, distribution, aliquoting, etc… for pre-analytical and post-analytical processes. This biotech company offers a broad portfolio for diagnostics, laboratories, and laboratory automation. Sarstedt offers one of the most extensive product portfolios for pre-analytical processes, including products for optimal and safe sampling, storage of diagnostic samples, sampling systems for the most varied of sample materials (blood, saliva, urine, faeces), etc… Clean room conditions and automated production processes are the bases for the certified Sarstedt quality standards “PCR Performance Tested” and “Biosphere plus”, allowing Sarstedt to reliably prevent even the lowest levels of contamination.

Sarstedt was founded in May 1961 by Walter Sarstedt. Since then, this biotech company has continued to grow to now employs a workforce of 2.500. This Group comprises 30 sales organizations and 13 production sites in Europe, North America and Australia. This biotech company is headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). Its products are used in a wide variety of laboratories (university research, biotech companies, etc…) clinics and transfusion centers.

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