ProFibrix – fibrinogen technology

ProFibrix is a biotech company specialized in fibrinogen technology to develop innovative products for the hemostasis and regenerative medicine markets.

ProFibrix – fibrinogen technology


Human fibrinogen is a natural blood protein playing a pivotal role in blood clotting and tissue healing. The only currently available source of human fibrinogen is plasma from human donor blood. ProFibrix aims to establishing a recombinant production platform for human fibrinogen to enable the development of new, advanced products. This recombinant fibrinogen platform will provide ProFibrix with a unique position in the hemostasis and tissue repair market. In collaboration with a large-scale cGMP manufacturer, ProFibrix is currently in the process of expanding the production of recombinant fibrinogen to industrial volumes. Fibrocaps is ProFibrix’s lead biologic: a mixture of two essential blood clotting proteins (fibrinogen and thrombin). Fibrocaps could be used to stop bleeding during surgery and after trauma injury. Fibrocaps is a ready-to-use preparation designed to be stable at room temperature (as a dry powder) and applied in different formats, including sprays and bandages. A Phase II clinical trial examining the use of Fibrocaps for mild and moderate bleeding during liver surgery was recently concluded with success.

Founded in 2004, ProFibrix is headquartered in Leiden (Netherlands) and Seattle (USA). ProFibrix is led by a team with extensive commercial, clinical and scientific experience in the hemostasis field. Management Team is composed by Jan Öhrström, Arnoud Dijkstra, Jaap Koopman, Paul Frohna, Eliane Schutte, Linda Zuckerman and Martijn Meijer. And Supervisory Board is composed by Leonard Kruimer, Francesco de Rubertis, Dirk Kersten, Alain Parthoens, Victor Schmitt and Frank Landsberger. The annual worldwide market of fibrinogen products is estimated at approximately €800 million and is expected to grow to over €1 billion in the next five years.

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