Taconic Biosciences – research model provider

Taconic Biosciences is a leading provider of research models with a wide range of Taconic Transgenic Models (TTM).

Taconic Biosciences – research model provider

Taconic Biosciences
Taconic Biosciences aims to create a difference in human health by providing the best, most relevant mouse and rat models to researchers. Because better models are more predictive and relevant, leading to greater insights into diseases and their treatments, Taconic is fully dedicated to the development of Taconic Transgenic Model (TTM) using the latest genetic and genomic technologies. Taconic Knockout Repository’s 4.000 KO lines provide worldwide researchers with unparalleled access to fully licensed, knockout mouse models. This repository offers the scientific community immediate access to expertly derived, highly valuable research tools that rapidly accelerate translational research and the drug discovery and development processes. This Genetically Engineered Models (GEM) Collection contains mainly conditional and constitutive Knock Out (KO) mice, transgenic (Tg) over-expressing lines, conditional (cTTG) and constitutive targeted transgenesis (TTG) lines. The vast majority of the lines are in a C57BL/6 genetic background. Each model is provided with the allele diagram, detailed descriptions of how the GEM line has been generated, as well as terms of use and deliverables. Taconic Biosciences also proposes cell and tissue humanized mice. These mice have been reconstituted with human cells or tissues, and Taconic offers several different mouse models reconstituted with human immune system (Humanized immune system mice) or with human hepatocytes (Humanized liver mice). If the right animal model for a discovery study doesn’t exist yet, Taconic Biosciences has the scientific expertise to design, develop, and breed high-quality humanized, knock out, knock-in, inducible shRNA, or microRNA expressing transgenic mouse and rat.
Taconic Biosciences is a biotech company based in Hudson (USA), Germany and Denmark. Management Team is composed by Robert Rosenthal, Todd Little, John DelliSanti, Patrick Laverty, Richard Matacchiero, Donna Gulezian, David Lester, Jeffrey Lohmiller, Gretchen Rice and Gavin Cooper. Board of Directors is composed by Charlotte Sibley, Tony Pucillo, Kathrin Midgley, Keith McCullagh, Alexandra Glucksmann, Gregory Hughes, Sidney Richter, Samuel Phelan, Robert Rosenthal, Richard Phelan and Joseph Phelan. Taconic embraces a high ethical standard for animal use in research, and ensures that animals in its facilities receive the highest levels of care and compassion.

More about Taconic Biosciences: www.taconic.com

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