PamGene – activity-based kinase and nuclear receptor assays

PamGene is a biotech company specialized in kinase and nuclear receptor assays for personalized medicine and drug discovery.

PamGene – activity-based kinase and nuclear receptor assays


Kinases and Nuclear receptors play critical roles in signal transduction and drive cellular processes. Kinases are the most intensively studied protein targets in pharmacology research, but only 15 % of the potential 518 kinase targets are studied in preclinical and clinical development. And less than 5% appear on the current FDA-approved list, lending target discovery a renewed focus. PamGene’s activity-based kinase assay detects kinases directly at the functional level, and this allows testing of kinase inhibitor directly on patient material (patient biopsy). Thus, if the kinase target present in the patient sample is not responsive to a proposed drug, therefore it is expected to reduce the possibility of treatment success. Furthermore, Nuclear Receptors (NR) regulate gene expression levels by gene promoter binding and by recruitment of coregulators (CoR). Profiling these NR-CoR interactions is very important to understand mechanisms of drug action but also to steer drug specificity, to understand putative adverse drug effects (on- and off-target effects), and to tailor the pharmacotherapies. PamGene’s assay applies a peptide array that can assess interaction of full-length nuclear receptors with a set of coregulators, in a high-throughput manner. Indeed, PamGene has a unique proprietary array-based platform measuring the activities of kinases and nuclear receptors, thus enabling deeper understanding of drug interactions with these important classes of signaling molecules. This patented technology finds a wide range of applications including lead identification and optimization, biomarker development and preclinical translational research. PamGene has developed its PamChips containing peptide arrays as well as the PS12 instrument to process the chips. The PamStation 12 is a fully automated instrument designed for processing PamChip 4 microarrays. PamStation 12 is controlled by a dedicated computer which comes with advanced software for data analysis (BioNavigator). PamChip 4 contains 4 peptide arrays, available with either phosphotyrosine kinase (PTK) or serine-threonin kinase (STK) arrays and reagents. Tyrosine Kinase PamChip Array consists of 144 peptides with known phosphorylation sites, representing 100 different proteins. Furthermore, Serine / Threonine Kinase PamChip Array consists of 140 Ser/Thr containing peptides and 4 positive control phosphorylated peptides resulting in 144 peptides per array. Each peptide represents a 15-amino-acid sequence of which 13 residues are derived from a putative phosphorylation site in human proteins. Additionally, PamGene enables to monitor the functional activity of nuclear receptors in recruiting cofactors thanks to its Nuclear Hormone Receptor PamChip.

PamGene is a biotech company based in Netherlands. PamGene’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of internationally recognized scientists: Bob Pinedo and Bertrand Jordan. PamGene has partnerships with VitrOmics Healthcare Services (VHS) and VitrOmics Healthcare Holding (VHH) to develop diagnostic products based on the PamChip technology platform for application in personalized medicine. VHS uses PamGene’s microarray platform to study the proteins in individual tumors of patients in order to find new prognostic biomakers and to assess their sensitivity towards certain targeted drugs.

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