Calypso Biotech – auto-immune diseases

Calypso Biotech is a biotech company developing antibody therapies up to clinical proof-of-concept by leveraging its expertise in immunology and drug development. Calypso Biotech’s portfolio consists of two therapeutic antibody programs planned to reach the clinic by 2016-2017 against gastro-intestinal auto-immune syndromes such as Crohn’s and Refractory Celiac diseases.

Calypso Biotech – auto-immune diseases

calypso biotech

Gastro-intestinal auto-immune syndromes such as Crohn’s and Refractory Celiac diseases are still poorly addressed by current medications, leading to severe complications, surgery, and degraded life conditions. Crohn’s disease (CD) is a relapsing/remitting inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Calypso Biotech intends to develop a first-in-class drug, which will not only attenuate intestinal inflammation, but also will circumscribe the manifestation of complications. Refractory Celiac Disease (RCD) is a dreadful form of small intestine inflammatory disease non-responsive to gluten-free diet. Calypso Biotech and its collaborators identified a factor playing an important role in the pathology of RCD and will develop a proprietary first-in-class therapeutic antibody against this target. Calypso Biotech aims to give new hope to patients suffering from these diseases by restoring their health and quality of life. To do so, ​Calypso Biotech has chosen to use humanized and fully human monoclonal antibodies. Humanized antibodies have optimized circulating half-life to control duration of therapeutic efficacy, frequency and route of administration. Monoclonal antibodies account for a third of all new treatments. With 28 drugs currently approved in the US and Europe, fully human or humanized monoclonal antibodies represent one of the most reliable and robust technologies. Calypso Biotech’s portfolio consists of one fully human and one humanized preclinical therapeutic antibody programs for Crohn’s Disease and Refractory Celiac Disease, respectively, and planned to reach clinical phase I by 2016-2017.

Calypso Biotech is an innovative biopharma company founded in 2013 as a spin-off Merck Serono and based in Geneva (Switzerland). A highly experienced Management Team with strong expertise in drug development and an extensive scientific and industry network manages Calypso Biotech: Alain Vicari, Yolande Chvatchko and Laurence Goffin. Board of Directors is composed by Jasper Bos, Roel Bulthuis, Alex LeBeaut and Alain Vicari. And Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Brian Feagan, Gerhard Rogler, Pierre Michetti, Peter Green and Christophe Cellier. Calypso Biotech was initially financed through a 2.5 million euro seed-fund managed by MS Ventures.

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