Synaptic Systems – antibodies for neuroscience and cell biology

Synaptic Systems (SySy) is a biotech company providing tailor-made antibodies for neuroscientist and cellbiologist.

Synaptic Systems – antibodies for neuroscience and cell biology

Synaptic Systems
Synaptic Systems offers high-quality antibodies exclusively available from SySy and developed in-house in close collaboration with renowned experts in the field. Synaptic Systems is specialized in neuroscience and cell biology. Synaptic Systems’ antibodies are well characterized and known for their excellent quality. Synaptic Systems also offers custom monoclonal antibody service (mouse and rat monoclonals), as well as peptide synthesis, protein expression, longterm storage of hybridoma cells, etc…

Moreover, Synaptic Systems proposes a wide portfolio of products for molecular and cellular biology. For instance, SySy MemEx is a kit for fast and easy extraction of membrane proteins from eucaryotic cells and tissues. This simple and rapid procedure produces a pure, non-denatured membrane protein fraction from any chosen protein homogenate. SySy MemEx employs a detergent-based temperature-dependent phase separation to enrich membrane proteins from mammalian tissue or cell homogenates. The membrane proteins isolated by SySy MemEx Kit are suitable for downstream applications (immunoprecipitation, activity assays, proteomic analysis, Western Blot, etc…). Synaptic Systems also offers rat tissue lysates and mouse tissue lysates (whole brain homogenate, cerebellum homogenate, synaptosomal fraction (P2), synaptic membrane fraction (LP1), synaptic vesicle fraction (LP2), whole spleen homogenate, whole kidney homogenate, whole heart homogenate, whole liver homogenate, whole lung homogenate, whole gut homogenate, etc…).

Additionally, Synaptic Systems developed mCLING, a fixable membrane probe for high resolution microscopy. The membrane-binding fluorophore-cysteine-lysine-palmtoyl group (mCLING) is an innovative probe selectively binding the plasma membrane. mCLING is taken up during endocytosis and contrary to other conventional dyes, it remains attached to membranes after fixation and permeabilization. Thus mCLING can be combined with immunostaining and super-resolution microscopy.

Calcium is the most important signaling molecule inside cells and involved in the regulation of neurotransmission, gene-expression, muscle contraction, etc… Synaptic Systems offers the NP-EGTA (o-nitrophenyl EGTA), a photolabile Ca2+ chelator highly specific for Ca2+ ions and unaffected by physiological Mg2+ concentrations. Synaptic Systems also proposes the DMNP-EDTA (or DM-nitrophen), a photolabile Ca2+ and Mg2+ chelator. Finally, this German biotech company provides CypHer5E-labeled Fab antibody fragments. CypHer5E is a pH-sensitive dye, fluorescent only after antibody internalization into an acidic cellular compartment.

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