Second Genome – microbiome modulators

Second Genome is a biotech company developing product candidates that modulate microbe-host and microbe-microbe interactions across multiple disease areas.

Second Genome – microbiome modulators

Second Genome

The human microbiome is composed by several trillions of microorganisms that live in our gut, mouth, skin, etc… These microbial communities are needed to digest food, prevent disease-causing bacteria from invading the body, synthesize essential nutrients and vitamins, etc… The total number of genes associated with the human microbiome is 100 times higher than the total number of human genes. With recent advances in genomic technologies, the capacity of this second genome to influence health can now be harnessed as a function of the whole community rather than as isolated bacterial species. Second Genome is among the first biotech companies translating microbiome discoveries into novel therapeutics. Second Genome believes that therapeutic product breakthroughs can be made by focusing on how the microbiota interacts with itself and with its human host to impact health and disease. This biotech company has developed a proprietary approach to generate small molecule, peptides, probiotic and symbiotic product candidates that modulate microbe-human and microbe-microbe interactions. This approach is based on understanding microbial community composition and function in healthy and diseased conditions, also leading to the discovery of novel biomarkers used for the development of novel drugs and diagnostics. Second Genome has established a pipeline of microbiome modulators that impact infection, immunity and metabolic disease. Second Genome is currently pursuing three preclinical programs and additional discovery efforts.

Second Genome is based in San Francisco (USA) and has assembled a leadership team with the capabilities to leverage the microbiome for research and development. Management Team is composed by Peter DiLaura, Karim Dabbagh, Mohan Iyer and Todd DeSantis. And Board of Directors is composed by Corey Goodman, Jason Lettmann, Matt Winkler, Brad Margus, Mike Carusi and Peter Gardner. Second Genome was founded on groundbreaking science from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and has attracted a world-class scientific advisory board comprised of renowned experts. Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Gary Andersen, Martin Blaser, Michael Fischbach, Susan Lynch, Averil Ma, Jerrold Olefsky, Pankaj Jay Pasricha, David Relman, Balfour Sartor, Justin Sonnenburg and Janet Warrington. Second Genome is engaged in a number of strategic collaborations for the discovery and development of microbiome-modulating therapeutics.

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