Somalogic – proteomics tools

Somalogic is biotech company using its proprietary Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer (“SOMAmer”) technology along with its unbiased biomarker discovery assay (SOMAscan) to develop new proteomics tools.

Somalogic – proteomics tools


In order to fully characterize biological states (health, cancer, infections, etc…), many proteins must be measured over a broad range of abundances and times. Existing proteomics technologies require compromising either sensitivity or the number of proteins measured. Somalogic developed a unique solution: SOMAmer affinity reagents (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer :”SOMAmer”). Each SOMAmer agent is the equivalent of a high-affinity monoclonal antibody (mAbs) but easier to manufacture and more reliable. SOMAmer are so powerful that each one of them can be used individually or in combination with others in virtually any application previously relying on mAbs. Furthermore, SOMAscan assay technology takes advantage of the specific three-dimensional structure of SOMAmer reagents providing protein-binding specificity. The primary nucleic acid sequence backbones provide an easy way to measure both the identity and relative quantity of proteins bound in the assay. These SOMAmer’s properties ensure accurate protein detection and measurement, while allowing the multiplexing of thousands of measurements in several hundred different samples in a single experiment. Custom SOMApanels are smaller groups of SOMAmers binding specific proteins and working together to provide a qualitative or quantitative measurement of a biological sample. SomaSuite is a software tool developed jointly by SomaLogic and NEC providing simple, reliable, and direct access to the highly multiplexed proteomic data generated by SOMAscan assays. SomaSuite enables clinical researchers to analyze the hundreds of measurements over thousands of proteins produced by the SOMAscan assay. SomaSuite is freely available to all users of SOMAscan assay. SomaLogic’s SOMAscan assay and SOMAmer reagents uniquely accelerate successful drug discovery and development across the pipeline, from preclinical target discovery to post-market surveillance and companion diagnostics.
Somalogic is a biotech company founded in 2000 by Dr. Larry Gold and developing breakthrough proteomic technology platforms. Management Team is composed by Byron Hewett (CEO), Dan Muehl (CFO), Stephen Williams, Nebojsa Janjic (CSO), Steven Morrissett, Paul Menter, Carrie Mulherin, Jennifer Hargrove, Evan King, Diana Maul, Mark Messenbaugh, Dennis Halladay, Preston Brown, Fintan Steele and Edward Brody. Board of Directors is composed by Larry Gold, Terry Randall, Byron Hewett, Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Charles Lillis, Youichi Yabuuchi and Alister Reynolds. SomaLogic is based in Boulder (Colorado, USA).

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