Zymo Research – genome-wide epigenetic analyses

Zymo Research proposes genome-wide epigenetic analyses, featuring state-of-the-art sample preparation technologies and workflows, cutting-edge bioinformatics, and competitive prices.

Zymo Research – genome-wide epigenetic analyses

Zymo Research

Epigenetic modifications play critical roles in the regulation of numerous cellular processes, including DNA replication, gene expression and recombination. Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms include DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation, histone modifications, RNA methylation, chromatin remodeling and regulation by small and long non-coding RNAs. Epigenetic mechanisms misregulation can result in cancers, neurological disorders, and developmental abnormalities. Therefore, epigenetic modifications are emerging as important prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers. Zymo Research is known as The Epigenetics Company. Zymo Research proposes high-quality and reliable products for epigenetics research, and offers an extensive growing line of products and genome-wide services to facilitate investigations into epigenetic regulation of cellular processes.

Zymo Research’s line of DNA products includes kits for DNA clean-up, genomic and environmental DNA isolation, plasmid purification, DNA stabilization, etc… Furthermore, Zymo Research offers many other unique technologies to facilitate accurate DNA analysis (including DNA polymerases, DNA markers, modifying enzymes, nucleases, kits specifically designed to remove enzymatic (PCR) inhibitors from impure preparations of DNA, etc…).

With the rigors of RNA research in mind, Zymo Research developed special products that effectively stabilize and preserve RNA in samples during purification, as well as kits for the purification of high-quality, inhibitor-free RNA from essentially any sample source. All purification technologies feature innovative Zymo-Spin columns, ensuring low-volume elution of ultra-pure RNA, free of salts and inhibitors.

Zymo Research – Epigenetics Made Simple ! Just send your samples and Zymo Research will return the genome-wide analyses as customizable publication-ready graphs and figures! Zymo Research’s bioinformatics specialists will send you the data as a comprehensive report that is publication-ready and can be customized to fit your needs. Zymo Research’s genome-wide services can be combined to analyze also DNA methylation and histone methylation, giving researchers the opportunity to “Catch More” data from each sample. Thus, Zymo Research offers innovative solutions that are high quality, easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

Zymo Research was founded in 2009 and is now based in Freiburg (Germany) and Irvine (USA). Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Peter Jones, Steven Jacobsen, Alexander Meissner, Gerd Pfeifer and Martin Schwemmle. Zymo Research’s scientists have been developing industry leading epigenetic technologies and workflows since a decade, and they remain committed to pioneering new research tools to meet the future challenges of epigenetics.

More about Zymo Research : www.zymoresearch.de

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