Mirus Bio – the Transfection Experts

Mirus Bio is a leading biotech company specialized in nucleic acid chemistry and delivery, offering transfection reagents, electroporation reagents, synthetic siRNA delivery tolls as well as labeling reagents.

Mirus Bio – the Transfection Experts

Mirus Bio

Mirus Bio is a biotech company developing innovative nucleic acid research reagents. Mirus Bio proposes unique lipid and polymer formulations achieving superior delivery efficiency of pDNA and siRNA with minimal cytotoxic effects. TransIT Reagents have been optimized for in vitro delivery in a variety of mammalian cells and for in vivo delivery in small animals. TransIT Transfection Reagents are ideal for the delivery of all types of nucleic acids (DNA, miRNA, siRNA, viral RNA, mRNA and oligonucleotides). With its low cytotoxicity, TransIT Reagents enable the acquisition of physiologically relevant data and the preservation of the transfected cells. Mirus Bio has also developed the Ingenio Electroporation Kits and Solutions, facilitating efficient and reliable delivery of nucleic acids to difficult to transfect cells. Ingenio Electroporation Solutions are compatible with all electroporation instruments and very powerful to deliver nucleic acids to cells that are resistant to transfection.

Mirus Bio also proposes Label IT Technology, a non-enzymatic chemical labeling method facilitating the direct covalent attachment of either fluorescent or non-fluorescent labels to any nucleic acid using a simple one-step chemical reaction. This simple one-step process is faster and more robust than any traditional multi-step enzymatic labeling, and can be used for intracellular tracking, chromosome analysis, and microarray labeling. Label IT Technology is specifically optimized for FISH, microarrays, and nucleic acid visualization both in vitro and in vivo.

Mirus Bio is a privately held biotech company based in Madison (USA). Mirus Bio was founded in 1995 by Jon Wolff, James Hagstrom and Vladimir Budker, based on research performed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mirus Bio is now located in the University Research Park (URP) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Mirus Bio was founded on the principle that plasmid DNA based methods offer distinct advantages over viral methods of gene transfer. Thus, Mirus Bio has developed a wide range of non-viral delivery technologies using proteins, polymers and lipids. From basic research to product development, Mirus Bio scientists are using their wide expertise in nucleic acid chemistry, molecular and cellular biology to propose innovative technologies for use in life science research.

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