Cristal Therapeutics – next generation nanomedicines

Cristal Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharma company developing the next generation nanomedicines based on its proprietary CriPec platform to treat various diseases, including cancer.

Cristal Therapeutics – next generation nanomedicines

cristal therapeutics

Cristal Therapeutics focuses on the development of nanomedicines with improved therapeutic efficacy. The pipeline comprises of products based on drugs in development, in combination with the patented CriPec platform, for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer and chronic inflammatory disorders. Cristal Therapeutics combines drug molecules with its proprietary CriPec technology platform, consisting of highly tuneable polymers, biodegradable drug linkers, and if necessary targeting ligands. CriPec is perfectly suited for the development of highly customizable (targeted) nanomedicines with superior efficacy and safety profiles. Indeed, CriPec transforms drugs into polymeric nanoparticles via an innovative process. The substantial improvement of the efficacy and safety of the drugs entrapped in CriPec nanoparticles has been demonstrated in several preclinical disease models. These nanoparticles provide improved distribution throughout the body. The prolonged circulation is obtained by the polyethyleneglycol (PEG) stealth layer that forms the surface of the particle, and which prevents rapid elimination of the nanoparticles from the bloodstream. CriPec enables the rational design and development of targeted nanomedicines. Cristal Therapeutics has demonstrated the benefits of CriPec for various molecules, including nucleotides, peptide drugs, as well as for applications such as active targeting. In case of CriPec actively targeted nanomedicines (CriPec ATN), CriPec nanomedicines are combined with targeting ligands on their surface. With CriPec ATN, the nanomedicines are directed to cellular and even intracellular molecular targets. The most advanced product in development is CriPec docetaxel for the treatment of solid tumours.

Cristal Therapeutics was founded by Cristianne Rijcken and Joost Holthuis in 2011, as a spin-off of the Department of Pharmaceutal Sciences of the Utrecht University (Netherlands). Management Team is now composed by Joost Holthuis (CEO), Cristianne Rijcken (CSO) and Jeroen Tonnaer (CBO). In December 2014, Cristal Therapeutics completed a financing round of over €6 million which includes investments from new and existing investors and a national innovation fund. The financing is used to launch the first clinical study of Cristal Therapeutics’ most advanced therapy, CriPec docetaxel.

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Cristal Therapeutics – next generation nanomedicines – CriPec platform

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