PX Biosolutions – innovative vaccine adjuvant platform

PX Biosolutions is a biotech company developing a novel vaccine adjuvant platform technology, DCtag, with prophylactic and therapeutic utility in both human and animal applications.

PX Biosolutions – innovative vaccine adjuvant platform

PX Biosolutions

PX Biosolutions aims to deliver a very potent and customizable vaccine adjuvant platform. DCtag vaccine formulations are designed to be safe, flexible in engineering and capable of inducing strong antigen specific immune responses with highly selective efficacy. Contrary to other vaccine technologies, PX Biosolutions’ DCtag platform generates a very potent cellular immune response on top of a humoral response, all in the absence of secondary inflammation. Thus, DCtag will be particularly effective to prevent and treat diseases where cellular immune responses are critical (such as cancers), or where both cellular and long lasting antibody responses lead to a successful recovery (i.e. viral diseases and malaria). In addition, the absence of strong inflammatory reactions promises to be much safer by avoiding potential hypersensitive or allergic responses to the vaccination. DCtag vaccines consist of solid core biocompatible nanoparticles of sharply defined size on which various surface antigens can be conjugated. DCtag nanoparticles are of virus like size and optimized for targeted uptake by dendritic cells. PX Biosolutions’ preclinical pharmacological studies in mice and sheep have demonstrated that antigens covalently conjugated to DCtag can elicit both antibody and CD8 T-cell immunity, with an immune response superior to that elicited by strong adjuvants (Alum, MPL, QuilA) or vaccination methods (ex vivo pulsed dendritic cells). DCtag formulations conjugated with cancer antigens have shown a very potent prophylactic and therapeutic activity in a variety of preclinical tumor models.

PX Biosolutions is an Australian based biotech company operating from Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). PX Biosolutions was established on the strong foundation of a worldwide patent family. Actively expanding the patent portfolio remains one of the core activities and strengths of PX Biosolutions today. Its intellectual property rights cover the specific nanometer size range, composition and combination of any type of antigen conjugation to its DCtag nanoparticles in various immune therapies.

More about PX Biosolutions : www.pxbiosolutions.com

PX Biosolutions – vaccine adjuvant platform – DCtag

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