NVH Medicinal – new generation of collagen-based products

NVH Medicinal is a biotech company developing genetically engineered protein-based therapies for regenerative medicine and hemostasis.

NVH Medicinal – new generation of collagen-based products

NVH Medicinal

There are 28 different types of collagen, and it is the most abundant proteins in human organism. Their involvement in many diseases is now well described. NVH Medicinal’s products are based on novel ECM-derived protein scaffolds for tissue engineering. Based on a proprietary methodology and technology, NVH Medicinal has developed engineered recombinant collagen-like protein with a potent biological activity. Moreover, using its strong expertise in protein engineering, NVH Medicinal also develops a customized service for recombinant proteins.

NVH Medicinal ‘s top product : NVH-020

NVH-020 belongs to a new class of engineered protein now referred as “recombinamer” with potent platelet activity. NVH-020’s biomedical applications are wide: from homeostasis to tissue engineering, as an inducer of endogenous tissue regeneration or as an adhesive protein for engineered stem cell niches. Furthermore, NVH-020 has a potent von Willebrand factor binding activity, thus being a useful tool for von Willebrand factor diseases assessments.

To support its development, NVH Medicinal is part of two “Economic interest groups” : ENGICARE (dedicated to recombinant proteins) and PharmImage (dedicated to pharmaco-imaging). NVH Medicinal has also developed a lot of partnerships and collaborations with public institutions (Hospitals, Universities, CNRS, etc…). NVH MEDICINAL launches a Crowdfunding campaign (Equity Crowdfunding) and opens its capital (420.000€). The purpose of this fundraising is to fund the development and commercialization of a new generation of collagen-based products. To support NVHMEDICINAL crowdfunding, please visit: https://happy-capital.com/projet.php?projet=37#


More information about NVH Medicinal : http://nvh-medicinal.com/

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