Axela – multiplex immunoassays

Axela offers a unique portfolio of next generation multiplex tools for enhanced analysis of proteins, RNA and DNA. Axela’s products include instruments, consumable (chips, sensors and reagents) and applications (biomarker content, methods for analysis and software) and are widely used for biomarker testing and infectious disease research.

Axela – multiplex immunoassays


Axela creates tools to simplify multiplex biomarker detection for research and diagnostic. Axela’s systems are built upon advanced flow-through technologies, allowing rapid, real time multiplex immunoassays but also high performance nucleic acid and protein microarray analysis. Axela is applying its flow-through technologies mainly to Oncology biomarker testing, but also to the determination of immune status, custom applications or assay development. Axela has developed serology assays suitable for screening multiple pathogens within a single serum sample. Rapid assays can be performed on a diffractive optics sensor or a protein microarray TipChip. By using panelPlus Technology, custom multiplex panels can also be created on either platform, thus allowing Axela to develop novel infectious disease assays for their customers. The TipChip is made of porous silicon with 200.000 microchannels. Within each microchannel is a three dimensional matrix where molecular interactions occur as target solutions are repeatedly passed through the channels. Thus, TipChip facilitates the interaction between target molecules and immobilized probes, resulting in 3 to 4 times faster hybridization of oligonucleotides or protein binding.

The Ziplex System is a medium-density microarray platform designed for routine and customized multiplex analysis of RNA or protein biomarkers. Ziplex System combines three separate automated functions (hybridization/protein binding, washing/labeling and imaging) into a single bench top instrument. Ziplex System uses a highly reproducible, lower density array to provide expression data on specific biomarker signatures.

Axela also develops Xpress Chips Series. Xpress Chips contain gene expression panels for common pathways or disease processes, analyzing the relative abundance of functionally related transcripts. These Xpress Chips series include Metabolic Xpress Chip (differential expression analysis associated with diseases of the metabolic system, such as obesity or muscle disorders), Breast Cancer Xpress Chip (a powerful approach to study gene expression profiles in human breast carcinomas and normal breast tissue), Colon Cancer Xpress Chip (comparison of gene expression profiles in human colorectal carcinomas and normal colorectal tissue) and Inflammation Xpress Chip (a powerful tool for the detection and quantification of inflammatory markers).

Axela Biosensors was a spin out of the University of Toronto (Canada) in 2001 and was soon recognized as one of Canada’s Top 10 Life Science Companies. In 2010, Axela acquired Xceed Molecular, a pioneer in the development of easy-to-use gene expression analysis systems. Board of Directors is composed by Michael Treble, Derrick Ho, Forcht Dagi, David Giddings, Dave Lemus and Joanne Harack, while Management’s Team includes Michael Treble, Alexandre Izmailov, Paul Smith, Brian Pak, Rey Moisan and David Englert. Axela has a strong IP position, with more than 100 patents and applications owned or licensed worldwide.

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