Sygnis – innovative polymerases

Sygnis is a biotech company developing innovative tools for molecular biology that play key roles in changing the way genomic and proteomic research is done today.

Sygnis – innovative polymerases


Personalized Medicine tries to tailor medical diagnostics and treatments to the genetic repertoire of the patients. Automated systems for sequencing DNA or spot-checking for genetic variation at low costs are essential to progress in clinical applications. And this is pushing forward the need for new polymerases adapted to the Next Generation Sequencing equipment. Sygnis’ polymerases allow a wide range of applications for DNA amplification, sequencing, repair, detection and modification of genetic targets of clinical value. Sygnis develops a well-balanced product portfolio based on proprietary technology. The flagship product is SensiPhi, a novel DNA polymerase licensed to QIAGEN. SensiPhi (formerly QualiPhi) is an improved version of the wild-type Phi29 DNA polymerase with enhanced affinity for DNA. Thus, SensiPhi strongly increases the efficiency of the amplification of small amounts of DNA. SensiPhi is protected by a US patent issued 2013, and further patents are pending. Sygnis is also developing PrimPol, a revolutionary enzyme obtained from the thermophilic bacteria Thermus thermophilus. PrimPol combines two complementary activities in a single thermo-stable protein: polymerase and primase. Conventional polymerases require primers annealed to a template molecule to synthesize the complementary sequence. On the contrary, PrimPol creates its own primer sequence, thus offering fully novel applications. Moreover, PrimPol is able to copy both DNA and RNA. Finally, PrimPol has a role in multiple displacement amplification (MDA) reactions, generating primers for its subsequent use by polymerase, thus making unnecessary the use of random synthetic primers, leading to a more uniform amplification of DNA. These Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) kits (TruePrime WGA Kits and TruePrime Single Cell WGA Kits) were just launched by Sygnis in January 2015.

Additionally, Sygnis is also developing Double Switch, a cell based technology for the measurement of protein-protein interactions. DoubleSwitch uses the tobacco etch virus protease (TEV protease) to detect protein-protein interactions in a highly sensitive manner. The technology platform enables the analysis of transient interactions, allowing its beneficial use in the identification of new therapeutic targets. Indeed, this Double Switch technology simplifies and accelerates the development of tailored drugs by offering an adaptable system for screening and characterization of drug candidates. Double Switch is protected by European and US patents.

Sygnis is a biotech company based in Madrid (Spain) and Heidelberg (Germany). Management Team is composed by Pilar de la Huerta, Armin Schneider, Gabriel Márquez and Antonio Gómez-Almansa. Supervisory Board is composed by Cristina Garmendia Mendizábal, Friedrich Von Bohlen, Franz Wilhelm Hopp, Pedro-Agustín del Castillo Machado, Joseph Fernández and María Jesús Sabatés Mas. Sygnis is a stock-listed company founded in 1997, which merged with X-Pol Biotech in December 2012.

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