Advanced Analytical – high-throughput nucleic acid analysis systems

Advanced Analytical (AATI) is a biotech company simplifying complex genomics workflows to accelerate research and discovery in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare.

Advanced Analytical – high-throughput nucleic acid analysis systems

Advanced Analytical Technologies

Advanced Analytical (AATI) develops high-throughput, fully-automated nucleic acid and genetic analysis systems. AATI’s product portfolio includes instruments for the parallel analysis of DNA, double-stranded DNA, genomic DNA, RNA, biomolecules, pharmaceutical compounds and proteins using capillary electrophoresis (CE) with fluorescence detection or UV absorbance. AATI’s products are designed to improve processes within the molecular diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Advanced Analytical’s flagship product, the Fragment Analyzer, is recognized as one of the best multi-channel, automated fluorescence-based CE detection system. Fragment Analyzer can be used for the simultaneous analysis of the quantity and quality of nucleic acids (dsDNA fragments, gDNA, NGS fragments, total RNA or messenger RNA, microsatellites SSR). You can also make your routine DNA analysis even easier with the ZAG DNA Analyzer (“Zero Agarose Gel”). When analyzing DNA fragments with ZAG DNA Analyzer, a 96-well plate of direct PCR or diluted amplicon sample can be ready for assessment in as quickly as 20 minutes. This patented technology has a significant impact on data output (high-throughput analysis with virtually no failure rate, Built-in PROSize 2.0 Software will process over 100 sample plates at once, etc…). When coupled with the ZAG-135 reagent kit, you’ll experience the highest throughput of any platform offered on the market. Advanced Analytical also powers Oligo PRO for oligonucleotide analyses and pKa PRO for measuring acid dissociation constants.

Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc. (AATI) is a biotech company based in Heidelberg (Germany) and in Ames (Iowa, USA). Management team is composed by Steven Lasky, Brian Thompson, Pierre Varineau, Steve Siembieda and Jeremy Kenseth. Board of Directors is composed by John Pappajohn, Fredric Orkin, Daniel Buttry and Terrance Greenley. And Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Edward Yeung, Daniel Buttry and Jonathan Sweedler.

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